Dear Aries, you have a challenging, yet rewarding week ahead. Think “hero’s journey” energy, the plot twist before the epic finale, and so on. You were made for this. On Tuesday, your planetary ruler (Mars) will enter Aquarius, meeting Pluto there on Wednesday, to initiate a cosmic cycle you’ve never before experienced in your life. Venus will follow the same path on Friday, conjoining Pluto on Saturday. The ways that you relate to the world and those in it, are changing Aries. Whether that’s currently your perspectives, or the outer elements of your life readjusting themselves… this wave of change is going to feel new, unfamiliar, and oh so full of potential. A dreamy conversation between Venus and Neptune on Monday flavors the week with the remembrance that your dreams are not only possible, but on their way. The Moon wraps up the week in Cancer, while the Sun moves (a little earlier than usual) into the last sign of the zodiac, for Pisces season. A splash of water into the cosmic cocktail (that has up until this point been quite airy), is going to feel refreshing. It’s time to tune into your softness, the emotional realms, and a more intuitive way of flowing through life.