August 22 - September 21

KnowVirgo Scope November 28 – 29, 2022

Virgo, are you holding yourself back from feeling the fullest extent of your joy? Over the next few days Saturn (planet of career, structures, finances) will be making harmonious connections to the Moon and Mars. This encouraging nudge from the universe reminds you to indulge, to pick the fruits of your labor and enjoy life to its sensory fullest. Notice the areas where you do restrain yourself and ask the question: why? Like attracts Like. In other words, feeling abundance attracts more abundance. If you’re holding off on pleasure now, in order to enjoy more in the future – there’s a chance this may not work out. Virgo, all you really have is the present. Today, show yourself some material love. To get into the practice, why not treat it like it’s your birthday?

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KnowVirgo October ’22 Scope

Key themes: self-discovery, intimacy, finances, career, daily routines.

October begins with Mercury going direct in the sign of Virgo. For the past 9 days or so, you’ve been re-examining who you are and how you wish to present yourself to the world. Now you’ll have the energy and the direction to start to put this into practice at your own pace.

On the 8th, Pluto also goes direct, in the sign of Capricorn, where it’s been for the past 14 years. During its retrograde, you got the chance to see how you use your creativity and your self-expression, how much you own it and allow yourself to be inventive. Pluto’s slow, so this realization isn’t something so evident, it happens at a very steady pace. When it turns direct, you get a chance to recognize all that you have to give, and how you can use your gifts in ways that can empower yourself and your community.

This month, the Full Moon will happen in Aries, on the 9th at 4:55pm EST. A light will be shining on your intimate spaces, where you share and exchange yourself, your energy and your resources with others. Aries opens doors, helping you to release something that’s been stuck in your system far too long. This is part of your healing process. Do what you can to aid this release, while being patient and tender with yourself and the vulnerability it requires.

Mercury will re-enter Libra on the 10th, taking you back to the things you were experiencing or thinking about surrounding money, finances, resources and self-worth between August 26th and September 22nd. You will now be able to take more conscious actions and decisions.

Saturn also goes direct this month on the 23rd in the sign of Aquarius, where the magic of your rituals, practices and processes reside. It’ll be easier for you to create a sound structure for the details that make up your day-to-day life. So make room for the practices that help keep your body and mind healthy.

Also on the 23rd, Venus enters the sign of Scorpio, followed by the Sun, and on the 25th we welcome the second eclipse season of the year with a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. Be patient with what is required of you. It may be hard to get a handle on your precious time and energy during the following weeks. Even if your schedule is too full, make sure to give yourself a small and renewing escape from your regular programming each day.

On the 28th, Jupiter retrograde will re-enter the sign of Pisces, bringing back some of the wisdom we began to tap into at the beginning of May. In your case, it has to do with who you share yourself with and how. It has to do with seeing beyond the more evident differences between you both, in order to connect with the spaces where you’re more aligned.

Mercury will join Venus and the Sun in Scorpio on the 29th, and you may be faced with some deep and intimate conversations. Some agreements may have to be made, and others may come to an end. Be there for it, even if things get messy.

On the 30th, Mars will go retrograde in Gemini for the next two and a half months, helping you tap into your will power and the ability to make the difficult decisions when it comes to your profession and social status. Know what to prioritize so you can avoid burning out.

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About Virgo

Element: Earth

Mode: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Mercury, the Planet of Communication

Where Youll Find Them: Organizing their closet, setting up a lunch date weeks in advance, studying in a cozy library.

What They Avoid: Messy environments, gossip, nosy people.

Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac, is symbolized by the Virgin, but it doesnt mean that Virgos a goody-two-shoes. Instead, it symbolizes the pure energy of the earthy Virgos soul. Virgo is the sign that wants to strip down, take away all the fluff, and go back to the basics.

The minimalist of the zodiac, many Virgos seek to live and exist in a clean, clear, stress-free environment. The ironic part of that desire is that Virgos often stress themselves out by trying to restore order to their lives. Some Virgos are contrarians, so even though they seek order, their lives may always appear to be a mess. Virgo is often focused on the small details of life that everyone else misses. They find peace in routine and structure, and they love feeling efficient, useful and in control. Expectation vs. reality is something they have to keep in mind in order to maintain their sanity.

Professionally, Virgos work well alone as well as in a team, and they often get the job done better than everyone else (but they still beat themselves up about how they could have done an even better job). Virgo is a perfectionist, and while this can lead to them creating phenomenal works of art, it can also lead to them paralyzing themselves and never putting their work out there out of fear of failure or ridicule.

Virgos may suffer from low self-esteem due to the super high standards they place on themselves. This can also lead to them being consumed with nervousness, which is why Virgo would benefit from introducing meditation into their daily routine, as well as gentle exercises and frequent time spent outdoors, simply breathing and letting go.

As friends, Virgos may at first come off as cold or unfeeling, when in reality they are just cautious of who they let into their intimate circle. If you become one of those lucky people, youll see the wild, untamed Virgo come out. This side of Virgo is unpredictable and exciting. Virgo isnt always a gentle soul, watching quietly from the background. They can be reckless and fearless, going out all night and talking to new people left and right. They just have to be in a certain mood and around the right people in order to activate that side. Ultimately, Virgo seeks friends who wont judge them and with whom they can feel comfortable being their most authentic self.

In love, Virgos are often depicted as being prudes, but once again, its just a self-defense mechanism. In fact, Virgo can be one of the most sexual signs of the zodiac when they merge with the right person. Virgo prefers cultivating a deep intellectual connection with someone first and then falling in love with their body. Once that happens, you can unlock a very sensual and romantic side of Virgo.

Virgo will intellectualize their feelings and put their emotions through a filter before expressing themselves, and that may sometimes make their partner feel like Virgo isnt as emotionally attached to the relationship. Thats not necessarily the case its just that Virgo has a specific way of showing love, mostly through the actions they do. They pay attention to the small things their lover needs, and while they can be nitpickey and critical of their partner, it always comes from a place of love and wanting the best for them. Virgo is all about self and mutual improvement, and they want a lover who’s unafraid of embarking on such a journey of evolution.