How are you feeling post New Moon in Pisces, dear Virgo? Check in on your relationships and how you feel within them. Is there enough space for healing, for transformation, for learning new things, and for letting go of what doesn’t work? Your partnership sector is bustling with activity right now, and on the 11th, Venus, the Planet of Love, swoops in, setting up camp here for the next four weeks. During this time, allow yourself to get curious about anybody that makes you gush. What is it about them? And can you find that within yourself? When you fall in love with yourself too, you nurture all your long-lasting unions. Remember that your ruler, Mercury, has just started its two month ride through your area of health and wellness routines. So if you’ve been thinking about joining the gym or starting a new nutrition regime, this is the time to go for it! The week comes to an end with the First Quarter Moon in Gemini, pulling focus on the accomplishments in your career. What have you recently felt like you’ve been able to conquer professionally? How is this healing your inner world?