Dear Virgo, this week is all about the New Moon feels. In your area of creative self-expression and romance, the New Moon in Capricorn is happening on Thursday 11th at 6:57 am EST. Take the week to do an honest review of your relationship to your creative fire. Is there anything keeping you from moving forward? Work to untangle yourself from any self-destructive or obstructive drama or behaviors that aren’t allowing you to trust what you have to express. The best way to tone it down on the overthinking is with action, and this Moon is an invitation to act on your desires, your pleasure, and the whims of your inner child. Spending some quality playtime with the children in your life could end up being more productive than you think. On the 13th, Mercury moves back into Capricorn, also touching on this area of creativity, expression and playfulness, bringing some clarity and movement, especially in regards to the things you were reviewing between December 13th and 22nd. Listen to your creative calling. Is it time to end that romantic situation in order to come alive again? Is it time to go deeper into it? Is it time to tell that certain someone how you’re feeling?