Dear Virgo, the week begins with an earthy grand trine between Mars in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, and Black Moon Lilith in Virgo on Monday. First of all, this transit of Lilith through your first house of identity and self-discovery began on October 4th and will continue until June 30th, making this an excellent time for empowerment. Practice standing your ground, being assertive, and taking initiative. This grand trine will light your fire. Pay attention to your passion and your desire to break free towards new pursuits. Maybe buy that plane ticket? On Friday, we have the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio, exact at 6:18 pm EST. This is a time of intuition, understanding, letting go and setting new intentions. A few things that can aid you in this moment of transition between the Full and New Moon is voicing your emotions, taking a short trip to clear your head or replenish yourself emotionally, making improvements to your close environment, as well as becoming more actively engaged in your community.