This is the first full wknd of Libra Season, and it’s also a new moon weekend! At 5:54pm EST on the 25th, the Sun and Moon in Libra conjoin and spark a fresh wave of change and spiritual healing in Scorpios’ lives. Remember those positive habits you felt ready to implement in your life a few weeks ago, during the Pisces Full Moon? You’re going to feel motivated to stick to them even more during Libra Season. But there are moments when this will be easier said than done. Since Mercury’s still retrograde for 10 days, instead of trying to commit to brand new rituals or routines, it may be best to focus on past commitments you made to yourself that you were close to accomplishing but that you may have paused or given up on. It’s not too late to try again, Scorpio. Let this weekend’s Libra New Moon encourage you to be kinder to yourself, and to recommit to living a more holistic and harmonious life.