SMscope January 28 – 29, 2023

Scorpio, the Moon hangs out in our opposite zodiac sign of Taurus this weekend, and activates our sector of partnership and marriage. Since Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is no longer retrograde in Taurus, the combination of the Moon and Uranus in Taurus (as well as the North Node) makes this an auspicious wknd for speaking your truth to your romantic, creative, and professional partners. They also have quite a bit they want to share with you, and the combination of Mars and Mercury both being direct will give you more confidence and self-awareness, allowing you to also take in what other people have to express to you. The Taurus Moon also amplifies the fact that even if we act ultra independent, Scorpios are profound lovers who crave intimacy and profound passion. Venus’ presence in Pisces these next few weeks wants to bring that energy into our lives, but it’s up to us to say yes to it and not run from what our heart really wants.

SMscope January 25 – 26, 2023

Scorpio, Venus, the Planet of Love, has entered the sign of Pisces for the next few weeks. This is an auspicious transit for us when it comes to love, creativity, and tapping into the energy of our inner child. Life may feel extra trippy for you these days, with the Sun in airy Aquarius and Venus in watery Pisces. You may find yourself lost in daydreams or visions of the future — it’s a very creative time for you, so do your best to write down your dreams or spend time these next few days brainstorming for the future. So many of the ideas you come up with this Wednesday and Thursday can be game-changers for you and your journey this year. Venus in Pisces will also help you open your heart to love and intimacy in more expansive ways than you previously were used to. Let the love in, Scorpio — especially if it comes from unexpected places.

SMscope January 23 – 24, 2023

Scorpio, this first full week of Aquarius Szn may feel like you’ve traveled to the future, because we’re still very much feeling the effects of the revolutionary Aquarius New Moon that occurred last wknd. You’ll be in the mood to make this final week of January the best week of the month, and it’s quite likely to be. With the Moon in Pisces on Monday and Tuesday, you’ll feel whimsical and dreamy. It’s best to put practical matters aside and focus more on creative and sentimental pursuits, including writing love songs or cuddling with your lover(s). The more you let your body, mind, and soul get familiar with the feeling of ease, and the more you allow yourself to be taken care of, the more bliss you’ll feel. You may also find that someone who’s been thinking of you non-stop will reach out during this Pisces Moon transit and they may reveal their innermost feelings to you. Check in with yourself first to see if you have the capacity to hold space for them.

SMscope January 20 – 22, 2023

Welcome to Aquarius Season, Scorpio! For the next four weeks, the Sun is activating your sector of roots, home, and the past, and the Aquarius New Moon taking place on the 21st is doing the same. Not only that, but Uranus, one of Aquarius’ planetary rulers, completes its five-month retrograde in the sign of Taurus this Sunday the 22nd, making for an even more Uranian weekend! You may feel like you’re reborn this weekend, and it’ll feel like your relationships are too. You may be able to forgive yourself and others for past hurts, and Aquarius Season will have you focused on the legacy you’re building for yourself and your family. This means you don’t have time to be sidetracked by drama or distractions. So many of your goals will align for you this season, Scorpio, as long as you dare to step outside of your comfort zone and take more leaps of faith. Set intentions this wknd — imagine yourself vividly living your dream life six months from now. Then take decisive steps toward manifesting that reality. Stream my “New Moon Mantra” (available on YouTube and all streaming platforms) for cosmic inspo as you set your intentions.

SMscope January 18 – 19, 2023

Mercury Retrograde is over, Scorpios! We’ll still experience a two-week post-shadow period, but you can breathe easy knowing that Mercury is now direct in the sign of Capricorn and it’s activating Scorpio’s sector of communication. We’re back in business baby! Your projects will gain momentum, especially once the Aquarius New Moon strikes on the 21st. But as for Wednesday and Thursday’s energy, you may feel a bit of a brain fog because we’re in the dark-of-the-moon period — the period of time when our shadow thoughts and emotions rise to the forefront of our consciousness, demanding to be felt. This may be a good time to reflect on what you’ve learned during Mercury Retrograde, and how you can best apply those lessons to your current reality. Instead of blaming yourself or others for mishaps or miscommunications, choose to start fresh with a wiser and more mature perspective on what’s worth your time and energy.