SM Wknd May 20-22, 2022

The Moon shifts into Aquarius for most of the weekend, before entering Pisces this Sunday. After a productive and enlightening eclipse  week, the airy energy of the Aquarius Moon and Mercury Retrograde in Gemini will have Scorpios reconnecting with their inner child. What do they want to do this wknd? Whether that’s rock climbing, signing up for acting or dancing courses, or spending the day flying a kite at the beach, allow your inner child to lead the way and play, without putting too much pressure on yourself. This is the ideal weekend for releasing responsibilities and simply being. If you don’t have the capacity to chill, use Sunday’s Pisces Moon to schedule time for yourself in the next month where you’ll do so. A major lesson for you as you round out this eclipse week: prioritize yourself, your divine health, and your sustainable wealth. That’s the life hack to healing, growing, and soaring. 

SMscope May 18 – 19, 2022

The energy of the lunar eclipse is starting to wane, especially now that the Moon has entered the practical sign of Capricorn for the next two days. Wednesday and Thursday are prime times for making power moves, Scorpio. With Venus & Jupiter both in Aries right now, your entrepreneurial side is emerging and you’re radiating big boss energy. Even if you don’t work for yourself, you’ll be plotting your next moves like the leader of an empire. Your Scorpio empire. This post-eclipse energy is activating you because it’s reminding you that if you want to experience radical change in your life, you have to be an agent of that change. Focus on two major power player moves you can make in your life right now that’ll leave your future self smiling at you and saying, “you did that!”

SM Wknd May 13-15, 2022

This weekend’s likely to feel riveting, bold, and magnetic, Scorpio. Mercury Retrograde in Gemini makes everything seem to be having a super trippy influence on us, and Jupiter in Aries is also adding much heat and spontaneity to your social life, leading to your manifestations quickening and your spirit expanding. Your mission, with these Air-Fire elements coursing through the cosmos, is to ground yourself in the healing and nurturing energy of Taurus Season. We’re just a few days away from the Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, making this wknd an ideal time to slow down, hydrate, journal, dream, and simplify your lifestyle so that you can flow through the full moon eclipse portal gracefully. Imagine yourself already “there.” Play my “Eclipse” mantra (by @dossevia, available on all streaming platforms) as you experience this monumental eclipse in our sign. 

SMscope May 11 – 12, 2022

Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, has officially shifted into Aries for the first time in 12 years! Aries is a sign that’s ruled by Mars, just like Scorpio, so this transit is an exciting change for Scorpios because it’ll mean that more Mars-like energy will dominate the cosmos. We come alive during Jupiter in Aries, as it ignites us with strength, passion, and courage. Jupiter’s the largest planet in our solar system, and many Scorpios will feel Jupiter in Aries’ influence when it comes to our mental and spiritual health. This is the ideal time to start fresh when it comes to taking care of yourself from the inside out. And the best thing is, it can be easy. Start with the spirit of a beginner, focusing on your foundations for divine health and great wealth: sunshine, pure water, rest, nourishing food, movement and lots of laughter. Make joyful self-care your ritual as you step into this new chapter. Enjoy!

SMscope May 9 – 10, 2022

As the week begins, Scorpio, the Moon in Leo forms an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius, which means you may be in the mood to fuse action and intellect toward a common purpose. It may be time to complete past projects that you’ve been really excited to launch — Mercury Retrograde starts on Tuesday the 10th, making it a prime time for Scorpios to tie up loose ends, particularly when it has to do with collaborations, or wealth management. You’re taking life more seriously these days, while still making room for passionate adventures during Venus in Aries’ transit. This blend of work and pleasure amps up your appeal, so don’t be surprised when past and current admirers start hitting you up (if they haven’t already). It be like that sometimes. 

SM Wknd May 6-8, 2022

This weekend’s energy is all about rebirth for you, Scorpio. The Moon starts off in Cancer, encouraging us to rejuvenate ourselves by tapping into the depths of our emotional experiences and being honest with ourselves about how we feel. Then on Saturday the Moon shifts into Leo and reminds us of our inherent strength and divine courage. No matter what we’ve gone through, as Scorpios we will always rise again. The Leo Moon will have us feeling driven, assertive, and prepared to do what needs to be done to feel aligned with our purpose. You’ll find yourself connecting intentionally with your soul family this weekend, and the peaceful energy you pour into each other will remind you of how simple life can be when you’re present with the act of giving and receiving love.