Scorpio, the Moon in Taurus harmonizes with Venus in Virgo on Tuesday, and then conjoins with Uranus in Taurus. This energy helps us finetune our priorities, and also helps us take our relationships more seriously. Then on Wednesday, the Moon enters Gemini, further helping us investigate what’s going on in our partnerships, but this time more in the sense of financial or spiritual bonds. Are there people who owe you money, or vice versa? This retrograde season is an ideal time to circle back and either receive what you’re owed, and/or start paying back what you owe. Pluto, our planetary ruler, is spending one more month retrograde, as is Saturn. These next 30 days are about clearing up karmic debts and releasing psychological burdens that may be blocking future blessings. Be honest about what actions or boundaries are necessary for you to put in place at this point in your life.