Happy Full Moon weekend, Scorpios! We tend to feel the effects of full moons most intensely in the 4 days before they occur, so all week long you may have felt like you’re making your way toward a huge turning point in your life. You very much are. This weekend’s Aries Full Moon activates your sector of health and service, which means you’re taking your wellness journey more seriously, while also having fun in the process. Aries energy is also ruled by Mars, like Scorpios are, so you’ll be acting in a more Aries-like way: daring, flirtatious, popular, hilarious, and somewhat reckless. This is an excellent weekend for shooting your shot in any realm of life that you feel passionate about. The Universe is excited to help you reach your goals — you just have to show the Universe that you mean business by actually taking the leap! “Leap and the net will appear.”