Scorpio, we have two more days of Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, being in our sign. Your intuitive powers are supercharged during this Venus in Scorpio transit, especially due to the fact that we went through the most epic eclipse season. Use these next two days to thank yourself for your superpowers. Not everyone can rise from their ashes the way you’ve been doing, and it’s blowing everyone away, especially the ones who prayed for your downfall. But instead of only focusing on protecting yourself from harm, take time to be grateful for the supporters, the angels, the real cheerleaders who have been by your side, whether you’re fully aware of it or not. The ones who celebrate you in ways that feel like they’re the ones who won right along with you. The ones who cry tears of joy with you when they see you’ve made it to the mountaintop, instead of wondering, “why didn’t I get there first?” Those are your people, and even if you can’t yet see them, know that they’re looking for you, they’re rooting for you, and they’ll soon be here for you.