Scorpio, what would it feel like for you to let your burdens go? Especially the ones you may not be aware you’re still carrying… The Gemini New Moon strikes at 7:33am on Monday the 30th, and this is the perfect opportunity to choose to live differently. The Gemini New Moon always occurs two weeks after the Scorpio Full Moon, meaning there’s a cosmic lesson for us to unpack — one that has to do with balancing intensity with lightness. Yes, you are the most powerful sign of the zodiac, but as we know, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” With our planetary ruler, Mars, currently in Aries for another month, shift your focus to being more responsible for yourself, your body, and your needs. Set intentions this week that have to do with pouring more love, great health, and prosperous wealth into yourself first, before taking care of everyone else. If you do so and commit to your intentions, you’ll be astonished by what happens within the next six months!