Scorpio, the Moon is in Taurus as the week begins, activating your sector of partnership. With both Venus and Mars now in the air sign of Aquarius for several weeks, you’re noticing a significant shift in the way you approach your relationships. Back when so many planets were in Capricorn, you were taking things very personally. Even if you asked the Universe to reveal your frenemies or haters to you, you were lowkey shocked or saddened when they actually were. But now, this combination of the Taurus Moon and the Aquarius placements in the cosmos is helping you stay grounded in who you are, and also peacefully detached from the expectations or judgments others may have placed on you. You’re not here to please everyone — you’re here to be true to yourself. And as you walk in that truth, people who are meant to walk alongside you will manifest, and remain, in your life.