We’re two days away from the end of March, and with the Moon being void in the sign of Cancer most of the day, it’s best to mellow out and reflect on all the lessons you’ve learned ever since the month began. Pisces Season truly made Scorpios face their shadows and fears when it came to intimacy, and creativity, and now Aries Season is asking us to boss up and do what must be done. That means you have to be honest with yourself if you’ve been pouring too much energy into someone else, or even a professional project, rather than into your own self, Scorpio. Your sector of service and wellness is activated by the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Chiron all in Aries right now, which means you may unconsciously be overextending yourself to keep the peace. Consider this a wake-up call: if you know deep down that there’s a lack of reciprocity in your friendships, relationships, or career, it’s up to you to stop giving so much. Direct your energy toward people and projects who want to pour into you as much as you pour into them.