Mars, the planet of action, leaves Gemini at 7:45am EST on Saturday the 25th, and enters our fellow Water sign of Cancer. Mars was in Gemini since August 2022, and since Mars is one of Scorpio’s planetary rulers, we’re going to be quite tuned into this shift — we’ll feel less inquisitive regarding what’s going on in other people’s lives, and more drawn to our spiritual world. Mars in Cancer tends to be a nostalgic and somewhat moody transit, so this weekend’s vibes are best for staying lowkey and not letting anything pressure you. Hibernation may be the name of the game these next six weeks, but Jupiter’s presence in Aries until mid-May also gives you the impression that there’s more work to be done. Your mission is to create a sense of balance between the work you want to do, and the deep rest that you’d benefit from integrating as a norm in your life. Take it breath by breath.