The Sun shifts into Aries on Tuesday, making way for the new astrological year, inviting you to focus on the routines that keep you grounded, and to tend to the little things that allow your life to keep moving smoothly. Scorpio, we’re a week away from the Libra Full Moon and the beginning of the eclipse season. Take time this week to reflect on what you want to release from your life. The eclipse energy is already being felt, and you may find yourself feeling more sensitive, sentimental, and nostalgic as the week begins. Since we’ll also be entering Mercury Retrograde on April 1st, this is an ideal time to make sure that all your affairs are in order. Pay off any debts or expenses that you owe before the retrograde hits, because it’ll be a bit more challenging for you to get things done efficiently once Mercury’s backtracking through your sector of daily routines.