What would you do without your favorite guru? You’d remind yourself that you are your own guru. That’s what this week’s Sag Full Moon is about, Scorpio. Especially for you, because your sector of abundance, wealth, and security is activated by this full moon. You’re being asked to remember who you are beyond what you’ve been societally-influenced to be. Sag is the sign of the explorer, the philosopher, and the truth-seeker. And with the South Node in our sign for another year, many Scorpios are digging out secrets and mysteries that exist not only around them, but also within. This full moon may reveal a new aspect of yourself, to yourself, and it will astonish you. Scorpios who thought they’d be single forever could suddenly realize they’re falling in love. Scorpios who thought they had their career paths all figured out could decide they want to completely start over. Trust the re-routes, trust your intuition, and keep knowing that the Universe is aligning with the intentions, actions, and beliefs you consistently have. So choose them wisely, and have fun creating your dream life.