What do you really want from love, and life, Scorpio? And are you patient and trusting enough to let it come to you? Venus, the Planet of Love, has shifted out of Gemini last night and entered Cancer. This emotional, magnetic transit heightens your sensitivity, imagination, and intuition. It asks you to slow down from the need to receive more, more, more, and instead, take stock of what you already have. Being present and living with a spirit of gratitude are essential themes for you as the week begins, and the Moon’s presence in Aries helps ensure that you don’t get stuck in nostalgia, but instead take action toward the more meaningful, soul-centered life you’re ready to live. Monday and Tuesday are great days to check in with yourself about whatever you’ve been avoiding completing, or avoiding expressing. Give yourself a solid chunk of time to commit to seeing it through, with the help of the Aries Moon. You’ll be glad you did!