Scorpio, this first full week of Aquarius Szn may feel like you’ve traveled to the future, because we’re still very much feeling the effects of the revolutionary Aquarius New Moon that occurred last wknd. You’ll be in the mood to make this final week of January the best week of the month, and it’s quite likely to be. With the Moon in Pisces on Monday and Tuesday, you’ll feel whimsical and dreamy. It’s best to put practical matters aside and focus more on creative and sentimental pursuits, including writing love songs or cuddling with your lover(s). The more you let your body, mind, and soul get familiar with the feeling of ease, and the more you allow yourself to be taken care of, the more bliss you’ll feel. You may also find that someone who’s been thinking of you non-stop will reach out during this Pisces Moon transit and they may reveal their innermost feelings to you. Check in with yourself first to see if you have the capacity to hold space for them.