This weekend we’ll experience the Last Quarter Moon in Libra, and this helps us cultivate greater harmony and equilibrium in our relationship with ourselves and others. Instead of expecting every one of your friends or loved ones to show up for you the way you specifically would like them to, spend time this weekend being a peaceful observer of the way they choose to show up for you, most consistently. If your spirit tells you that they’re doing the best they can, give them grace. If your spirit tells you that their efforts (or lack there of) is simply not going to cut it for you, then give them space. This wknd’s vibes is less about cutting people off, and more about accepting the nuances of relationships. There are periods of time when someone will have more capacity to show up for you than others, and vice versa. So release the need to have all your high standards met 100% of the time, and tap into Venus’ current transit in Aquarius as you learn to peacefully detach from the need to control. My book Signs & Skymates provides plenty of wisdom on how to do so — order it today if you haven’t already.