Scorpio, as we flow through this first month of the year, check in with yourself and see how you’re really doing. With Mars and Mercury both in Capricorn, along with the Sun, you’re feeling more grounded and pragmatic and you’re looking at your life with greater clarity. Are there any adjustments you’d like to make to your routine or lifestyle? If so, what are they? And what can you start doing today that’ll get you closer to where you want to be? As the fixed water sign of the zodiac, you have a tendency to sometimes get stuck in your own ways because they make you feel secure. But as an evolved Scorpio, part of your spiritual mission is learning how to surrender control over everything — even if it’s a slow process. Pluto’s shift into Aquarius on the 20th is here to help you learn how to healthily detach, over the course of the next twenty years. Start by releasing the need for things to always go according to plan.