Scorpio, the best way to know if you’re ready for the next step in your life is by asking yourself if you’d be willing to receive the blessings you seek right now. Are you ready for them? Are you willing to handle the changes they’d bring? The more honest and transparent you are with yourself about what your soul and body are truly seeking at this moment, the more quickly these desires will manifest in your life. The Moon spends time in both Aquarius and Pisces this wknd, making it an ideal time to reflect on your personal growth and the strength of your foundations. If there are areas of your life where there’s been friction or conflict with others — either personally or professionally — the current astrological conditions will make it clear what needs to change in order for both parties (or all parties) to feel heard and valued. This also applies to your relationship with yourself. What do you need to feel heard and valued by your own self?