We’re a few days away from the Full Moon in Gemini, so you may be feeling emotionally heightened and somewhat mentally restless due to the fact that Mars, our ruling planet, is currently retrograde in Gemini. It’s best to spend time with yourself this weekend, even if people will be trying to get your attention and energy. This is the final full moon of 2022, so it represents significant closure and ending chapters, particularly in your intimate relationships and when it comes to wealth management. Start the month of December by organizing your finances, creating a budget for the month, and visualizing yourself in 2023, living your best life. Your mind is profoundly stimulated by all the expansive opportunities Sag Season is bringing into your life, but your mission is to not get sidetracked by all the options — tune into 1 or 2 missions that speak most to your soul currently, and prioritize tending to them this month. Step by step, you’ll exceed your expectations and wow the world in the process.