Happy Full Moon, Scorpio! The energies leading up to Thursday’s Aquarius Full Moon have been intense, as full moon vibes are most often felt in the days prior to the exact lunation. Many Scorpios have felt more anxious around this full moon, due to a planetary square that the Aquarius Moon is making to the South Node in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. You can tell that you’re on the brink of monumental change, but you don’t yet know in which direction it’ll take you. Unexpected change can feel quite uncomfortable to Fixed signs like us, Scorpio. The key may be to release the need to control your current situation, no matter how many mastermind schemes you may be able to come up with. Trust that the Universe, God, your angel guides, your spiritual support system, your Orí — or whatever you refer to Source as — has your back. Let this full moon help you tap into the remembrance of your eternal protection.