Monday the 18th is the last full day of Aries Season, as the Sun shifts into Taurus this year at 10:24pm EST. Scorpios will feel a significant shift in energy as Taurus Season begins, so on Monday, use the energy of the end of Aries Season to tie up loose ends when it comes to health and routine-based objectives, such as clearing out your inbox or creating a meal plan for the next few weeks. Taurus Season invites us to be less productive, and more aware of life’s simple blessings. Waking up and watching the sunrise. Listening to your favorite playlist while savoring a mango. Receiving drawings from your favorite niece or nephew. Taurus Season asks Scorpio to pay attention to our connections — who are the people consistently showing up for us, and who do we consistently show up for? It’s an ideal time to check in on your core values as a human being, and to make sure that it’s in alignment with the life you’re living and the people who are in your orbit. If not, gradually begin to make the necessary adjustments.