With the Moon now in Aquarius and Mercury Retrograde in Aries, your mind is filled with visions for ways to innovate and improve all realms of your life. Scorpio, the key is to not overthink everything — trust that the right path for you will be revealed when you learn how to surrender control. This has been a recurring theme for you this year, especially because Pluto, your planetary ruler, is in Aquarius for the next two decades. We have no choice but to learn to go with the flow, even if that makes us uncomfortable. Next Monday, we’ll experience a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries that’ll awaken your sense of self-worth and your ability to dream big. You’re going to be amazed by what you can accomplish this month, but first take time this week to prepare for your rebirth by releasing distractions or connections that may have been draining your energy. Make room for the waves of bliss entering your life.