Happy Pisces New Moon, Scorpio! This weekend should be all about dreaming, visualizing, and intention-setting. You have made it through a cosmic portal where you’ll start to feel that what you desire comes to you with greater ease. But once something you’ve wished for and visualized arrives, the next step is to know how to receive it with grace and gratitude. Too often, Scorpios may self-sabotage and get in their own way, because we may be afraid that we’re not fully ready, or that it’s a fluke. But this new moon is here to help you learn how to accept your blessings and not push them away. Take time this weekend to write down a list of everything you’ve manifested in recent months and/or years, and everything you plan on manifesting, even if there’s resistance. Thank the Universe and your guides for opening you up to prosperity. Be like water and accept that abundance is flowing to you and through you, infinitely.