These past few days, the Pisces Moon had you in la la land, as you fantasized about your ideal lover(s), love life, and love styles. Now that the Moon is shifting into Aries this weekend, you may feel inspired to turn those fantasies into reality. Since both Mercury and Venus are no longer retrograde, you’ve entered “shoot your shot” season. Aries is a sign that’s ruled by Mars, just like Scorpio, so you’ll most likely feel more confident, sexy, magnetic, and passionate under the Aries Moon this weekend. However the Aries Moon forms an intense series of planetary squares with Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto on Saturday and Sunday, and that can lead to you getting easily irritated and saying things you may later regret. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. It’s best to vent to yourself, or to work-out your frustrations, rather than burn bridges due to impulsive emotional reactions. Make it your mission to rise above the distractions or triggers that may try to bring you down.