The final Saturn-Uranus square of the year occurs this weekend, Scorpio. Once we’ve made it through this weekend, the rest of the year will feel so much more chill. Imagine yourself already “there”. But also know that sometimes, in order to get to moments of sustainable serenity in your life, you have to face the roadblocks — particularly the ones you may have ignored in the past because they made you uncomfortable. That’s what this Saturn-Uranus square is going to do to us this weekend. It’s going to make us face truths about ourselves, our relationships, our values, and our lifestyles, that we’d rather ignore, but that we simply no longer can. While humor may be a way for you to flow through these tense times, you may also find yourself needing a physical outlet for what’s boiling within. You may feel like a volcano, about to explode. Let yourself explode if you need to — you have the power to put yourself back together even more brilliantly than before. Destruction is also a form of creation.