This weekend, the Moon’s in Pisces and the Sun spends its final stretch in Scorpio before getting ready to enter Sagittarius. It’s one of the most brilliant weekends for going on a date, either with yourself or with a new or existing lover. You’ll be feeling whimsical, dreamy, sexy and imaginative. The more spontaneous the outing, the better! This weekend, when you find yourself connecting with someone who gives you butterflies or makes you laugh, focus on how you feel in the present moment. Avoid projecting the relationship too far into the future or getting bogged down with thoughts of the worst case scenario. There’s a reason you’re drawn to each other — be curious as you figure it out. And if you’re riding solo and not seeking external connection, this weekend is perfect for deepening your connection to self through meditation, soul-searching, dreaming, self-pleasure and works of art.