Scorpio, with the Gemini Moon activating your sector of depth, inheritance and intimacy this weekend, both love and money are on your mind. You may be feeling ready to change the game when it comes to how you handle your finances. Either that means more discipline, less worrying, or both. It will take a conscious effort on your end to follow through with this fresh start you’re embarking on. Enlist the help of people you look up to, because your collaboration sector is activated and you’ll receive the support you seek. Romantically, harmonious astrological aspects this weekend can lead to you having a heart-to-heart with a crush or lover that transports you to another realm — even if that lover is yourself. Poetry, love notes, voice notes, or sending someone a playlist may hit the spot. May I suggest adding “Love Mantra” by yours truly (Dossé-Via) to your musical rotation. After a few plays, you’ll start to feel closer to manifesting or deepening the love that you deserve.