The Moon spends most of the weekend in Taurus, activating Scorpio’s sector of marriage and partnership. Since Gemini Season’s energy activates our sector of depth, intimacy, and merging, and we are two days away from a New Moon in Gemini, we’ll be thinking about love, partnership, and collaboration this weekend. Who can we really trust and depend on, and who feels the same about us? Who do we feel most emotionally and spiritually safe with, and how can we say yes to consistently receiving the love we deserve? It’s a good time to reflect on these questions without feeling the need to immediately know all the answers — we’re likely to gain clarity once Mercury Retrograde ends next week. If you start feeling overwhelmed with your thoughts this wknd, move your body, spend time outdoors, or watch something hilarious that reminds you that thoughts, and feelings, are fleeting and transient. You can let them come in and out of your consciousness without being ruled by them. You’re the captain here.