Happy Leo Season, Scorpio! The Sun shifts into Leo at 4:07pm on Friday the 22nd, and it’ll remain there for the next four weeks, activating your sector of career and reputation. This next month, your career may take off in ways beyond your imaginings. The South Node in Scorpio has been working behind-the-scenes, helping you shed limiting beliefs that have to do with your self-worth and value. You were previously way too tough on yourself, perhaps unconsciously. But Leo Season is celebration season, Scorpio. It’s thriving season. It’s awakening season. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself ready to roll up your sleeves and passion play. You’ll want to focus on work that feels like play, and you’ll want to say bye to anything that feels draining or monotonous. Trust that even if you’re still figuring out your ideal work flow, Leo Season’s energy will lead you in the right direction. This weekend, go play in the Sun (or surround yourself with heat) in honor of Leo Season, and live your life as if your deepest desires have already come true.