As the wknd begins, Scorpio, the Moon’s in Aquarius, activating our sector of roots and legacy. We may be more in the mood to do our own thing, reflect on our core values, and experience life with healthy emotional detachment. The Capricorn Full Moon’s energy is still strongly felt, so the more you let yourself relax and decompress, the better. Then on Saturday and Sunday, the Pisces Moon activates Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love, and creativity. It’s a good time to either take yourself out on a date, accept a date invitation from a friend or partner, or take part in creative activities that leave you buzzing with excitement. The Pisces Moon is asking you to tap into your imagination as a way to release your emotions freely, and uninhibitedly. Pick up a paintbrush, sign up for an improv class, or start journaling. Do whatever you can this weekend to let your feelings out, that way once Leo Season begins next week, you’ll feel on top of the world!