The Moon’s in Libra for most of the weekend, and then on Saturday night it shifts into Scorpio. This blend of the elements of Air and Water will make this weekend feel both social and sensitive for you, Scorpio. However, a part of you may be feeling lonely, even when surrounded by friends. That may be because you’re still wearing a mask in social dynamics, and you’re taking your time to feel people out. The first step is to admit to yourself that this is the case, and to not be too hard on yourself about it. This is a profoundly transformative month, and it’s normal for your feelings and relationships to waver as we get closer to eclipse season. By the time the Moon shifts into our sign on Sunday though, you may need some solo time to truly tap into what your current emotional and spiritual needs are. This wknd and beyond, only say yes to the social invitations that make you light up with excitement. This sense of clarity and specificity will help the Universe bring more of that type of vibe into your life.