We’ve made it to the final month of 2020, Scorpio. What you need to understand is that the 2020 Ascension is a whole vibe that’s here to teach us how to let go of our need to control everything, and accept that there’s a divine vibration that’s helping us fulfill our missions. With our ruler Mars spending its final month in Aries, our warrior-mode is activated, and now that Mercury, the Planet of Communication, has entered Sag for the next three weeks, we’ll be feeling more fiery, optimistic and ambitious. Your ability to increase your wealth increases at this time, as well as your desire to embark on exciting adventures, even if they’re intellectual or spiritual ones. Take time today to set 1-3 goals for yourself for this month — and have fun while setting them. Dream bigger than you usually allow yourself to, and know that you’re protected with each step you take.