Welcome to the 11/11/2020 portal! The Moon shifts into Libra today, and we’ll feel considerably lighter than we did as the week began. This will feel like an interesting contrast to the upcoming dark-of-the-moon energy. We’re in between two worlds — one that we’ve always known, and one that our soul longs to create. With two days left of our ruler Mars’ retrograde, you may be in the mood to recharge in whatever way feels right to you. This isn’t the type of day where you should focus on typical “productive” tasks. Daydreaming, making love, writing poetry, singing, and plotting your next adventure are all wonderful ways to indulge in the portal energy. Alignment comes when you stop resisting what your heart wants, and today’s energy will feel intoxicating if you allow yourself to be the source of your own magic. Your wildest dreams are within reach.