Today’s a major day astrologically, Scorpio. Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, makes a frictional connection to Uranus, the Planet of Revolution. This is the second of three planetary squares between these two planets occurring this year. Think back to where you were around February 17, 2021, the first of the three squares. What came up for you around that time? Something related to that period of your life is going to circle back again this week, and while there are several elements outside of your control, it’s important to remain grounded and to keep your cool. With Mercury still retrograde for 8 more days in your sector of depth and intimacy, today’s stars may have you thinking of past relationships, and previous life-changing decisions you’ve made. Don’t run away from whatever feelings emerge, Scorpio. Feel them fully, then peacefully let them go. If they circle back again later, it’s all good. Life is cyclical anyway.