Now that we’ve made it through yesterday’s 5/5/5 portal, today your focus should be on making space to integrate all the cosmic downloads the Universe has blessed you with. This second day of the Pisces Moon is filled with harmony and love as the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Pisces blend with each other, activating Scorpio’s sectors of true love and partnership. This would be a great day to go on a date, either a solo one or with someone special with whom you’d like to deepen your connection. If you’ve been wanting to reveal your feelings or intentions to someone, you have the green light to do so — speak from the heart and don’t focus on what their reaction is going to be, just focus on being true to yourself and your emotions. Your desire to protect yourself spiritually also increases due to tonight’s conjunction between the Moon and Neptune in Pisces. Doing tarot, studying your birth chart, making music and connecting with your soul guides are all wonderful ways to deepen your superpowers.