The second day of the Scorpio Moon is filled with healing alignments to Mars, Neptune and Pluto. You’ll find yourself feeling dreamy, sensitive, nostalgic, and deeply loving today. With just one day until the monumental lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, the best thing to do today is take it easy, and find ways to minimize distractions. Tears may flow, and it’ll feel cleansing and rejuvenating to be honest with yourself about the emotions that need to be released. Scorpio, release the need to have it all together, please. Let go of the habit of always being “the strong one”. Let yourself feel confused if you feel confusion, let yourself feel fear if you feel scared. Ask for a hug if that’s what you need right now. No one knows the type of pressure you’ve navigated in order to get to where you are today, but you’re not here to live an isolated life. You’re here to soar and inspire others along the way. Accept every part of your current journey, and thrive.