Today Scorpio, the Leo Moon makes a planetary square to Uranus in Taurus, and this can lead to us feeling conflicted between our career and our relationships. Has there been a sense of balance and harmony between both of these elements in your life, or have you been feeling torn in several directions? Perhaps you wish you could be spending more time with bae, or making more time to meet a potential bae, but you feel more comfortable pouring your energy into work instead. The opposite case could be true — with Taurus Season activating our sector of partnerships, some Scorpios may be thinking so much about love and romance that they’re neglecting their passions. Step one is to be honest with yourself about what your needs are, and step two is taking action and making the necessary changes to feel more aligned. Have the healing convos with yourself and others now, because Mercury retrograde begins next week and your sense of clarity may decrease once it does.