With the Moon now in fiery Leo for the next 2.5 days and making powerful oppositions to Saturn & Jupiter, you’re likely to feel profoundly activated, Scorpio — especially in your professional sector. You’re seeing everything with new eyes, and your heart is opening in ways that make you feel slightly uncomfortable, but also deeply curious. This first full day of Taurus Season may feel surreal, and you may have sudden flashes of insight about where to direct your energy and why. With our ruler Mars still in Gemini until April 23, your plans may feel a bit scattered and your mind may be running nonstop with ideas. Find ways to calm and ground yourself. Stretch your body. Eat your greens. Breathe in and out. Laugh. Have sex. Be sex. You’re feeling very powerful today, and becoming increasingly aware of your ability to be anything you’re ready to be. Whewww, the magic you possess. Have a beautiful day!