The second day of the Taurus Moon can have you feeling a bit more stubborn and temperamental, Scorpio. If you can, pour that into your art. Just because you’re working on your ascension journey doesn’t mean you can’t have moments when you want to beat someone’s ass. Life is about both shadows and light, and you’re learning how to integrate both into your consciousness without judgment or shame. If there have been moments this year where you’ve started to repress your own anger, frustration or resentment simply because you’re trying to “vibrate at a high frequency”, then know that it’s counterproductive. Part of being a high-vibrational being means fully accepting the totality of your emotions, no matter how complex or uncomfortable. Any emotion you deny or repress ends up strengthening anyway, Scorpio, so find healthy ways to release any pent-up tension, either through creating a masterpiece, making love, working out, taking a nature walk or hike, and/or venting to your best friend. Let it all out so you can make room for the fresh energy you desire.