The Moon’s shifted into Taurus for the next 2.5 days, and when you blend the Pisces Sun with the Taurus Moon, our focus is on love and relationships, partnerships and creativity, and learning how to heal through our sensitivity, Scorpio. What have you been avoiding lately? Are there conversations with yourself or others that you’d like to have sometime soon, but you may be wary of? With the Moon activating your partnership sector, you may finally feel ready to clear the air in some capacity. Since the astro new year begins in 4 days, the goal is to not enter the new cycle while still carrying dead weight or holding on to past burdens. If there are situations in your life that make you feel uneasy, you have to be honest with yourself first and foremost about them, before even expecting anyone else to be honest with you. This would also be a good day to look into therapy if you haven’t already — the New Moon energy is encouraging you to commit to holistic healing by making sure you feel seen, valued, and heard.