We’re now 3 days away from the final new moon in the astrological cycle — next month’s Aries new moon will usher in a new astrological calendar year. The days before the Pisces New Moon can feel especially emotionally charged, so be super kind and compassionate with yourself today and the rest of the week, Scorpio. Mars’ stay in Gemini has led to many of our emotions wavering and being more up-in-the-air than usual, which means we should approach them with a spirit of curiosity at what they’re here to teach and show us. We should also learn to accept that we cannot control other people’s actions, and just because we treat others in a certain way doesn’t mean they’ll treat us the same way. So many important, deeply healing lessons are occurring in your life right now, Scorpio. Write them down or leave yourself a reflective voice note so that you’ll remember how this period helped you grow into a wiser, more confident and self-loving being.