Keep a journal nearby today, Scorpio. This second day of the Moon in your sign will have you in your feelings — big time. You may be feeling moody, horny, sensitive, passionate, and mysterious. You may feel the need to retreat into your inner world, even if there are other preoccupations for you to tend to. Embracing your sensitivity will feel more liberating than running from feelings of vulnerability. That means major gems can derive from taking time to self-reflect. With Mercury having just begun its retrograde, it’s best to write those gems down so they don’t slip from your mind. You see, Scorpio, your intuition is leading you to reflect on a situation or relationship in your life that may feel familiar, but that you’re experiencing in a radically new way. Let your emotions guide you to new portals of consciousness this Aquarius Season. Let your own knowledge of self reveal the blockages that you have to remove from your life in order to unlock the next chapter of your marvelous journey.