Today’s the last day that Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, is journeying through airy Aquarius. As Scorpios, this transit was here to help teach us the art of emotional detachment, but it may have been easier said than done. We’re naturally passionate, intense, deeply bonding humans (although we’re quite selective with whom we bond), and these past few weeks we may have struggled to let go of who or what we wanted. But we may also have had wake-up calls and realized that we may no longer have interest in what we originally thought was meant for us. It’s okay to change your mind, to shift your values, and to have different needs and intentions than you once did, Scorpio. It’s okay to be filled with contradictions and paradoxes, my love. Accept the multitudes of energy that make up who you are. Once Venus enters Pisces tomorrow, you’ll be giving yourself more grace and loving yourself and others with greater compassion.