The Moon has shifted into Aries today, Scorpio, and after a monumental Great Conjunction, you may feel powered up and ready for action. It may be better for you to ease your way into the day though, because a conjunction between the Aries Moon and Chiron in Aries activates your sector of health and service, and you’ll find yourself quite aware of when you’re trying to do too much at once. Even if you feel passionate about life and what you can manifest, it’s also important to give yourself breathing room to absorb the ascension energy that’s been bestowed upon us. Use today’s Moon-Venus alignment to connect with people who have an optimistic spirit and can make you laugh. This will remind you to not take yourself or life too seriously, especially during such auspicious times. By the end of the day, you may feel ready to withdraw into yourself again — we’re now in Capricorn Season and Venus is in Sagittarius, so finding a balance between connecting intentionally with others and enjoying your solitude will bring you great blessings.