Scorpio, what would you do if I suddenly disappeared and stopped writing SMscopes? You’d probably miss me and the astrological guidance for a while, and hope that I return. But ultimately, you’d figure it out. You’d learn from what I’ve shared with this community for the past 9 years, and you’d continue to be your own guide. You’d be grateful that our paths have crossed, and you’d let your intuition continue to help you on this great ascension journey we call life. Scorpio, that is exactly what today’s Great Conjunction is about for you. I don’t necessarily have plans to disappear anytime soon, but life’s one big unpredictable dream. So be present with your blessings and aware of your superpowers. Use these gifts wisely, Scorpio. The Great Ascension is activating our sector of roots, family, the past, and our deepest values. While you may be blessed to have guides, angels, and divine protection, you are ultimately your own elixir to life. You are your own guru, your own savior, your own teacher. Today, make a vow to yourself to continue to honor and value the genius that exists within you, and the healer that you already are. You have entered a new phase of your life, where your fears no longer take precedence. You have chosen yourself. You have chosen your expansion. You have chosen your abundance. You are the chosen one.