The Virgo Moon harmonizes beautifully with Mercury and Pluto today, Scorpio, so you may find it easier to express your truth and let those in your intimate circle know how you feel about them. 2021 is a year where you’re being asked to open your throat chakra. You know all those deep thoughts and fantasies you tend to keep to yourself? There are people who intuitively can sense your energy and want to hear you speak your truth. There are things they want to say to you too. So instead of living in a world of “what if?” you could enter the world of “what now?” Once you show up fully as who you are and dare to let down your guard in a selective and intentional way, the Universe aligns you with the people, places and experiences that best serve your evolution. Let go of the skepticism and dare to believe in what’s possible for you when you learn to fully trust yourself, and fully trust the Universe.