Today’s New Moon in Capricorn is deeply astrologically charged, Scorpio. You may not realize at what point it’s time to enact sturdy changes in your life until today. A major wake up call may help you pave a new path forward, and since this New Moon activates your communication sector for the next 6 months, the way you approach your goals and express your needs will shift this week, and for several months to come. The biggest change you’ll notice is that you set more firm boundaries with both yourself and others, and you commit to what you know will lead to your freedom and sustainable bliss. Scorpio, before even setting new moon intentions today, get grounded in the truth of where you currently are in life. Embrace every plot twist, every challenge, and every time you’ve been thrown out of your comfort zone. Life is presenting you with all these lessons because it’s preparing you for your abundant rewards. Are you ready to accept your blessings?